About us



Sasaki laboratory makes researches mainly into steel structures intended to the safe management of infrastructures. There are four major categories of our approach: fracture and fatigue, field measurement, inspection technologies, and energy harvesting.

  • Fracture and fatigue (破壊と疲労)

    For investigations into the causes of cracking and fracture under traffic loads and earthquake loads and the methods to control those phenomena, we're conducting both experimental and analytical researches. With respect to researches for maintenance, we're dealing also with a study on evaluation of the remaining strength of highly-aged structures.

  • Field measurement (現場計測による構造挙動分析)

    We create a system which can perceive the actual behavior of bridges and find damage of them, which is based on field measurements of vibration and others in bridges and model/data analyses for understanding. Moreover, new sensors, specialized for characteristic features each bridge, are under development.
  • Inspection technologies (点検手法)

    By use of "eddy current", we can evaluate damages caused by cracking and corrosion in the steel members hidden in paints or concrete parts. For development of inspections which have high efficiency and which is applicable to the locations human inaccessible, we investigate on the practicality of a system for inside visualization and micro robots.

  • Energy harvesting (環境発電)

    We're developing a power-self-fed-system for both damping and monitoring of bridges. The system can transduces vibrating energy in bridges into electrical energy and storages for monitoring. In order to ensure the safety of infrastructures with substantivity, we create ecological maintenance systems for bridges.

Working Group

Our laboratory run a working group system composed of four groups: fracture and fatigue, structural behavior, inspection, and energy harvesting. In each group, members address researches in a mutually supportive environment.

Joint Collaborative Research Lab: Research Lab. of Sensing Solutions for Infrastructures (-2015. 5)

Since 2013, Sasaki laboratory has been collaborating with the Research laboratory of sensing solutions for infrastructures. This laboratory was established in the dept. of civil. Eng., Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2013. Through joint efforts between industry and academia, they facilitate the sophistication of sensoring/monitoring technology (data analysis technology/ information service technology) based mainly on the development of "smart sensors", which can effectively detect the soundness and the abnormal change of infrastructures, and the performance increase of the smart sensors.

Joint Collaborative Research Lab: Research Lab. of Next-Generation Maintenance of Structures (2019. 9-)

On September 1st, 2019, a new joint research course “Next-Generation Maintenance of Structures” set up in collaboration with Central Japan Railway Company (JR Tokai) and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Sasaki Laboratory). In this laboratory, attempting to introduce new maintenance technology to the realization site and conducting research with the aim of further improving the safety of structures. In addition, to present new methods and solutions to future challenges in structural maintenance, considering implementation in the actual field.