Research topics


Control of brittle fracture during earthquakes in steel structures

We're investigating into the cause and control of brittle fracture during earthquakes in steel structures by material experiments and numerical analyses.

Response analyses (regular and seismic) of road bridges and anomaly detection

Suggestion of high-accuracy analytical method of passing vehicle weights

As accuracy improvement of weight data evaluation of passing vehicles, which is important in maintenance of the road bridges, we've suggested an axle data acquisition using the wavelet transformation and a weight detection for low-speed vehicles (e.g., in traffic jams).

Realization of intelligent road bridges and analysis of signals detected by sensors

We address the use of new sensors with optical fibers, the monitoring of real road bridges, the sensor configuration, and the index for the anomaly detection.

Remaining strength evaluation of damaged structures

We conduct an investigation with combination of field work, strength examination, and finite element analysis about remaining strength evaluation and desirable maintenance of bridges damaged by corrosion and so on.

The others: program code development of characteristic analysis for bridges, etc.